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Happy people and happy business

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Growth Coaching & Consulting focus on both business performance and people performance. 

Sustainable high business performance is about doing more of what leads to your desired  business results while ensuring your people are engaged, fulfilled and happy.

It is about creating a learning organisation where everyone collaborate, thrive and grow.

It is about creating an engaged, high-performing workplace.

It is about creating a happy learning organisation

The evidence is there: Happy people equals a happy business 🙂

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Rikke is such a pleasure to work with. She is focused and brings her A-game to the task at hand, every single time. Rikke is very organized and efficient and has a great mindset that inspires those around her. I've seen first hand the value she brings to her clients and she has my full recommendation.

Lilja B.

Lawyer and CEO

Reliable, disciplined and professional, Rikke has been a pleasure to work with. She accumulates relevant insight day-in day-out, and is able to convert this into effective solutions.

Richard W.

Head of Communications, Financial Services

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